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Flu Champions

Education and advocacy efforts are important at all levels - national, regional, and local - to inform others about the seriousness of flu and the importance of flu prevention and treatment. Our Flu Champion program aims to help raise awareness starting at the community level - and that starts with advocates like you! Below you will find profiles of some real-life Flu Champions, as well as an assortment of available advocacy toolkits for school administrators, healthcare professionals, employers, community organizations, and general advocates. Together, we can #FightFlu and save lives!

People just like you are making a big impact in their communities everyday when it comes to flu awareness and prevention! Check out just a few of these real-life flu champions:

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Flu Champion Toolkits

In an effort to help advocates like you become Flu Champions in your community, we've developed these four toolkits that contain hard copies of our most popular educational materials and promotional products. You may order these toolkits for use in schools, doctors’ offices, healthcare clinics, business offices, and other important places within your community.

If you are interested in ordering any of these materials individually, please visit our Flu Educational Materials page.

For digital resources, we've also developed a social media toolkit, which is available here.

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