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Donors & Sponsors

We deeply appreciate the support of our donors and sponsors in our efforts against influenza.

If you'd like to join our families' fight against influenza and help us do more:

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Our Annual Reports highlight our accomplishments, provide updates on our continuing programs, and recognize our donors, sponsors, and advocates. We are deeply grateful for all the support we receive. Thank you to everyone who helps Families Fighting Flu fulfill its mission of saving lives!

2018 Annual Report of Activities

2017 Annual Report of Activities

2016 Annual Report of Activities

2015 Annual Report of Activities

2014 Annual Report of Activities

2013 Annual Report of Activities

Families Fighting Flu is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates solely on donations from individuals and organizations who support our mission and share our goals. Our policies and activities are determined by the member families and medical experts who make up our Board of Directors. We do not advocate on behalf of any flu vaccine manufacturers or endorse any specific flu vaccine products.

We deeply appreciate the support of our donors and sponsors. Thank you!

2018 Sponsors

  • AmazonSmile 
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, Illinois Chapter 
  • Bombshell Beer Company 
  • Booz Allen Hamilton 
  • CareDox 
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles, Alva Aerie #871 
  • Genentech 
  • GlaxoSmithKline 
  • Goodshop 
  • Kinney Drugs Foundation, Inc. 
  • La Jolla Pharmaceutical 
  • Neuberger Berman 
  • Quidel 
  • Sanofi Pasteur, U.S. 
  • School District of Springfield, MO 
  • Seqirus Inc. 
  • The Clorox Company 
  • The Pingry Corporation 
  • Western NY Pediatric and Adolescent Coalition 

2018 Annual Fund Donors

The following is a list of donors to our unrestricted 2018 annual operating fund. Thank you for your generosity!

Visionaries ($5,000+) 

Richard and Alissa Kanowitz: The Amanda Kanowitz Foundation 

Joe and Serese Marotta 

Jennifer K. Pool and Christopher Miller 

Pacesetters ($2,000 - 4,999) 

Bill and Deb Ward 

Challengers ($1,000 - 1,999) 

Patrick Carothers 

Kennis and Joan Mann: Kendra's Legacy Foundation 

Dr. Paul Offit 

Gary and Doris Stein 

Sustainers ($500 – 999) 

Nancy Cory 

Gary Edelstein 

Jessica and Matt Richman 

Deborah Wexler, M.D. and Michael Mann 

Michael and Deborah Warsaw Charitable 


Supporters ($250 – 499) 

Peter Andrew Davey 

William Gladstone 

Margaret Harbour 

Gerry and Nancy Megas 

Kevin McCarthy 

Richard and Stacy Shafritz 

Mary Ellen and Michael Stein 

Patrick Strutz 

Angie Wehrkamp 

Contributors ($100 – 249) 

Joseph and Sandy Baressi 

Steven Brumbaugh 

Tony Chan 

Jonathan Friedman 

Gail Friedt 

Bill Herholzer 

Michael Lapierre 

Stephen Ledford 

Henry Lin, M.D. 

Joseph and Barbara Marotta 

Toni Ann Marsallo 

Amber McCarthy 

Nancy Michael 

Jerry Nelson 

Adrienne Randolph, M.D. 

Christine Vara 

Donna Wehrkamp 

Associates ($50 – 99)

Jon S. Abramson, M.D. 

Theresa Cake 

Maryanne Cronin 

Eric Davis 

Sandra Gregory 

Caitlin Hanson 

M. Jones 

Brandon Lutz 

Kevin Mac 

Rod Schneller 

Kathy Whitely 

Krista Wiener 


Friends (up to $49) 

Natalie Anne Adams 

Megan Ailsworth 

Shelle L. Allen 

Tracey Ann 

M.H. Jr. and Vicki Austin 

Stacey Breitkreutz 

David Brettschneider 

Tracey Cagle 

Seth Callan 

Tripp Calloway 

Kimberly Castleberry 

Sabryn Chandler 

Shirley Chandler 

Melissa Crawford 

Donald Crawford 

Jessica Croft 

Karyn Cronin 

Stacie Dalrymple-Burkhalter 

Beverly Daniel 

Shawnette Davis 

Cassandra Marie Day 

Morgan Denson 

Lori Diers 

Mariah Duncan 

Linda Elbers 

Heidi Elchuk 

Zane Farrar 

Emilee Fechter 

Rachael Felberbaum 

Christian Forest 

Jeanette Foxx 

Kari Gales 

Amy Gamez 

Nadine Gartner 

Deanna Geer 

Diana M. Gregory 

Amanda Gifford 

Tamara Gillespie 

Patty Gilmer 

Kasey Golombiecki 

Sally Goodnight 

Carolyn Grimes 

Greg Guarry 

Tracy Haag 

Shana Hamill 

Brian Hargrove 

Michelle Hays 

Angela Hlavka 

Olivia Hollis 

Amanda Hornberger 

Sandra Hornberger 

Theresa Hubble 

Leona Jerden 

Jennifer Johnson 

Dani Landberg 

Janet Larsen 

Jim Levin 

Deborah Lombardi-Aiello 

Anne Long 

Pegy Lowery 

Joshua Lutz 

Laura Mack 

Sandra Martinsen 

Bridget Mayer 

Amy McGovern 

Cecilio Mendoza 

Dan Mentel 

Cal Moriarty 

Sue Morrow 

Samuel Okun 

Andrew Olson 

Veronica Ordonez 

Justine Parmele 

Jo Parsley 

Lindsey Perini 

M. Pineda 

David Plenge 

Diana Polovko 

Ali Randall 

Rhonda Rogers 

Don Sauda 

Jessica Scott 

Ralph Sheppard 

Cindy Sherwood 

Gregory Slusher 

Tabethia Smith 

Scott and Laura Smith 

Barbara Stellinga 

Kelcey Sweeney 

Ellen, Herb, and Melissa Taller 

Carter Templeton 

Donna Tighe 

Jess Torkelson 

Cathy and Frank Townsend 

Jennifer Tutak 

Carrie VanOverbeke 

Renee Waring 

Jeremy Watson 

Martha Wewer 

Meg Whitley 



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