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Community Toolkit

Helping Communities Stay in the Game

Families Fighting Flu is dedicated to protecting all children against the flu and saving lives. We developed this toolkit so that you can help us to advance our mission and reduce the number of children affected by this devastating disease. Through this toolkit, we provide information to help:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the serious nature of the flu;
  • Offer resources to educate others about flu prevention; and
  • Provide emotional support to families and communities who have experienced a loss from the flu.

We encourage you to use this toolkit to:

  • Learn more about Families Fighting Flu;
  • Answer your questions about the flu and dispel common myths;
  • Cope with a loss in your family or community due to the flu;
  • Explore opportunities for you to become more involved with Families Fighting Flu, and join the flu prevention fight; and
  • Share valuable tools and resources with your family, friends, school and community.

Download community toolkit

Thank you for your time and support of Families Fighting Flu. Together, we can remind families across this country that the flu is just as preventable as it is serious.


Serese Marotta
Chief Operating Officer

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