Protecting children, families, and communities against influenza.


In an effort to raise awareness about flu and educate others, we have developed multimedia resources such as family testimonials and public service announcements. Watch, listen, and then help us get the word out by sharing these resources!


Families Fighting Flu: Who We Are, What We Do


Flu killed more Americans in the 2017-2018 flu season than car crashes and drug overdoses. We know how dangerous flu can be because our loved ones have been hospitalized or died from flu. We share their stories to encourage flu vaccination, reduce flu-related hospitalizations, and save lives. We invite you to help us do more in the fight against flu by sharing our stories and resources.

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Wehrkamp Family Public Service Announcement
Play It Safe (15 seconds)
Play It Safe (30 seconds)
Play It Safe (60 seconds)
Mom Knows Best PSA
Stay in the Game™ PSA (15 seconds)
Stay in the Game™ PSA (30 seconds)
Stay in the Game™ PSA (60 seconds)
Choose You Over the Flu PSA
Families Fighting Flu PSA: Standing Alone
Influenza Vaccination Awareness PSA with Mia Hamm
Community Immunity Part 1
Community Immunity Part 2
Community Immunity Part 3
Times Square 2016
2015 – 2016 College Flu Awareness Campaign
Benefit of Increasing Flu Vaccination Rates
Flu Can Lead To Sepsis
Why Flu Vaccination Matters Short Video
CNN – The Flu and Children
VAX Talk: Get Your Flu Shot

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