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An Introduction for Parents

An Introduction for Parents – From Alissa Kanowitz

Amanda and Alissa

As a parent who lost a child to the flu, I know what it is like to feel such an incredible loss. After my daughter, Amanda, died I had few places to turn for support to help me cope with the unthinkable. That is why I co-founded Families Fighting Flu. I wanted to prevent other families from ever experiencing this pain, but for those who do, I wanted to let them know that they are not alone and to provide a lending hand.

After Amanda died, so many people tried to help me through my grief. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated this outpouring of support. However, it is hard to always know what to do in a situation like this. There are times when even a comment from a well-meaning friend can hurt. This Emotional Support guide has been created to serve you and others close to your child in your time of need. Families Fighting Flu is there for you, to listen and to help you get through this unbearable time, to answer questions you may have as you grieve, how to support your surviving children, and where to find additional resources.

This will also be helpful for your friends, your family, your child’s school and others affected by your loss. The resources included will not only help them understand what they might be able to do, but also what they should not do.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can say to ease the loss of your child. But, I will let you know that there are others like you who have experienced a similar loss of a child from the flu. And, if and when you are ready, we are here for you.


Alissa Kanowitz, Amanda’s mom (1999-2004)

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